The National Football League replica nfl jerseys has 32 teams

The National Football League (NFL) has 32 teams. They are also sometimes referred to as franchisees, as they are private investments and operate according to the corporate model. NFL is the most famous American professional football league, so also has the most fans. Other league also tried to compete with the NFL, but failed to get such as the NFL so much support, with so many fans.

Astroturf: Artificial turf.

A verbal order of tactical change initiated by a quarterback before a kick – off line.

Backfield: backcourt. The area after the kick line.

Backs: including running back, half front and full.

Ball carrier: Any player with possession.

Beat: A player breaks through an opponent who is ready to tackle.

Blackout: because there is no purchase of the local TV network access, and certification failed to pass the local game can not watch the situation. Blitz: Lightning attacks. A defensive quarterback tactics, in the kick-off, the defensive player immediately break through the opening line on the other quarterback to sack.

Blocking: blocking the defensive player holding the ball movement, you can use the arm and body to block, but can not drag the opponent.

A long pass from the pitch to the receiver

Bowl game At the end of December or early January of each year, after the end of the regular season, in the two outstanding university teams between the game.

Bump-and-run: A technique commonly used by passers-by. Within 5 yards of the kick-off line (1 yard rule), block the catcher with the body and then follow the receiver to stop the ball.

Call a play: Instructs the player to perform a planned tactic.

Clipping:. From the back of the grapple opponents waist part of the following, this is a personal foul, the need for a penalty of 15 yards.

Complete pass:. A forward pass in the air to catch his teammates.

In the professional and college football, the team are divided into several league, NFL is divided into League of Nations NFC and American League AFC

Controlling the game clock. By the offensive team tactics, through the choice of specific tactics, to save or consume the game time.

Cover or cover: cover. Prevent players from advancing to the yardage. When defending against a pass, the defending player follows the receiver to prevent it from catching the ball. When playing the cover, the player who plays the ball tries to prevent the opponent from catching the ball.

Cut back: The dribbler makes a sudden change in running, increasing the difficulty of a defensive player following or grappling with him. Dead ball:. In an attack after the end of the next offensive kickoff, it is dead ball state.

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