Rhea Phoenix

Evince [to reveal]

“It is relationship; association, link, parallel, alliance, bond, interrelation, interconnection, the common affinity I am interested in. I work with the micro and macro, to join, to build, deconstruct and assemble a storyline, an essence or idea that is both figurative and symbolic.”

From this ‘mesa‘ and ‘shifting ledge on the edge’. I am impassioned to walk deeply so that a trail is well worn between people who touch my life with their story and in turn whom I share my own story. Time and again as I encounter ‘story’, it challenges me to an appreciable understanding of ‘the unequivocal gift of exchange that occurs between humans’, ultimately it secures me to mysterium.

It is this I aim to investigate and explore in my work. To discover a way to make an imprint, to leave something useful of value behind.