This week

This week I will put the finishing touches on ‘Journey’.

Aluminum is the last medium after I apply various finishes to set everything in just the right the place on the canvas.

While working at Steveston Marine Hardware yesterday I met a customer who advised me regarding the best product to use. I felt it a gift at that moment , I was going to use Durham’s Putty, he said:

“No, it won’t adhere to the aluminum…”

“Well, thank you. This is very timely and valuable to know”

Today is a catch up day on many things. I will get to work on The Beat Merchant’s logo, I have a few hours ahead of me in Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

In between I will do my laundry, dishes and pay bills. I need to pick up the product to get to work on the collage-painting too. Its a bit of a busy day as usual yet I am grateful for the energy and delight in my heart for creating things; weather a painting, a logo, a post or a breast shield!

I wanted to let you know this is how it goes in my day when I am just here at the Studio 217.

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